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Sector Patrol 1.0

Sector Patrol 1.0

Sector Patrol Publisher's Description

Fast-paced and relentless, Sector Patrol pits you against alien armies and the clock in a violent race to rescue colonists in a multi-screen virtual world. A unique dual-view display, five species of enemies, and multiple levels of increasing difficulty will challenge your strategy and reflexes for hours of in-your-palm entertainment.

The Sector Patrol download includes both black-and-white("SectorPatrolBW.prc") and color versions("SectorPatrolCOLOR.prc").

The color version of the program runs more slowly on the Palm IIIc than it does on more recent color devices. To enjoy the same fast game play on the Palm IIIc, Palm IIIc users are urged to install the black-and-white version of the program (which looks particularly good on a color device like the IIIc).

The buttons at the bottom of your Palm device control your ship. The leftmost buttons rotate your ship clockwise and counter-clockwise; the rightmost buttons fire your neutron cannon and supply thrust in the direction that your ship points. The scrollbuttons in the middle of your Palm device apply a brake, stopping your ship on a dime.

You use two views to navigate. The bottom right corner of the screen is a radar display that tracks the positions of everyone throughout the sector. The top portion of the screen shows a "local view" of nearby enemies and colonists. You use the radar display to avoid or pursue offscreen enemies, and the local view to blast them to smithereens when they're in your sights.

The bottom left portion of the screen monitors your score, the time remaining in which to rescue the colonists, the number of colonists still stranded, and your remaining "shields." (Each shield allows you to withstand a hit from an enemy.)

Sector Patrol starts out easy and increases in difficulty with each level. At the end of each game you are ranked according to your score.


  1. Unlike some other space games, Sector Patrol gives you complete control over navigating your ship. Since the aliens in Level 1 are relatively tame, use Level 1 as an opportunity to practice rotating the ship clockwise and counterclockwise and squeezing the thrust button to accelerate the ship in the direction that it points. Seasoned patrolmen use the brake (the scroll button) liberally, too.
  2. Learn to recognize Sector Patrol's sounds. Colonists whistle for you when they drift nearby. Enemies make a lower, more menacing sound when they come into range. Your ship will emit a piercing whine when it's hit by enemy fire.
  3. Aliens don't understand that the Sector Patrol world "wraps around." Unlike them, you can fly out the right side of the screen and onto the left side, etc. Learn to exploit this advantage.
  4. A level ends when you rescue all of the colonists on it. Once you've mastered Sector Patrol and want to focus on improving your score, try leaving one colonist adrift while you fly from screen to screen blasting the remaining aliens and racking up more points.

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